Why was the GUSTAVE collection created?

Bron: OGO Living

“When we came up with the idea for this collection, we wanted the tea to express itself and the colors in this collection to change with the tea brewed in it. Thanks to this minimalist aesthetic, this collection can be used in any atmosphere of the house. integrated.”

A stainless steel infuser

The filter must be tight enough so that the tea does not fall out, but at the same time light enough to distribute the aromas perfectly. The filter of the GUSTAVE collection consists of stainless steel 304, which may not mean anything to you, but it is a long-term guarantee. Stainless steel is not only resistant to heat and corrosion, it also has many properties: it is hostile to the spread of bacteria, it is easy to maintain and very durable.

Borosilicate glass

Then it was decided to use borosilicate glass so that each of your tastings is a new discovery. This allows you to perceive all the color explosions that your tea will produce when it is brewed. Borosilicate glass is also resistant to high heat and temperature changes. This material is widely used in the food industry and is healthy because it does not retain odor and does not stain.

A noble and certified wood

The lid of the GUSTAVE collection consists of Acacia wood. It is a type of wood that does not require any harmful treatment to health and is known to last for a long time. In terms of style, the choice of wood allows us to offer you unique items, as every wood tone is unique.

Acacia is a wood that heats little, so you can limit burns to the touch and retain the heat. The ergonomic shape of the lid limits heat loss by adapting to the shape of the filter.