Sales conditions

General sales and delivery conditions

  1. Without prejudice to the applicability of any special conditions, which take precedence over the current general conditions, all our sales are made under the following conditions. These conditions, by operation of law, take precedence over the purchase conditions of the customer.
  2. Any offer made by us or in our name is entirely without obligation, both with regard to the prices quoted and the delivery term of the goods offered. The specified delivery times are only indicative. Exceeding the foreseen delivery period can in no case, except in the case of proven intent or gross negligence on the part of the seller, entail the termination of the purchase agreement. The delay or non-delivery cannot give right to compensation on the part of the buyer.
  3. Complaints due to visible defects must be reported by the buyer within ten days after delivery. Defective goods will only be taken back by the seller after the prior approval of the management or of the internal service mandated for this purpose. The seller’s liability is limited to the replacement and not to the refund of the defective goods. If for any reason the seller is unable to replace the defective goods, these will be deducted from the invoiced amounts. The seller cannot be held liable for any other damage suffered by the buyer.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, the invoices are payable in cash. In the event of non-payment on the due date, an interest of 1% per expired and started month is due by operation of law and without notice. In the event of full or partial non-payment of the invoice on the due date, the debt balance will be increased by 10% as fixed compensation, by operation of law and without notice of default, with a minimum of €50 and a maximum of €1,875. The non-payment of an invoice on the due date entails the immediate claimability of all outstanding invoices, even those not overdue, without taking into account previously authorized payment conditions.
  5. If the seller, due to force majeure, is unable to perform the agreement, he has the right to cancel the agreement by simple notification to the buyer. In this case, the seller will not owe the buyer any compensation.
  6. The delivered goods remain the property of the seller until full payment of the sales price. Until this moment, the buyer may not sell, rent, lend or give away these goods. He may not dispose of them in any way, except with the written permission of the seller. If the goods are sold anyway, the right to the resulting sales price will be replaced by the delivered goods. The risks of damage, loss or theft of the goods are borne by the purchaser from the moment of delivery.
  7. The applicable law is Belgian law. All disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the seller’s jurisdiction.