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The art of table decoration

The art of table decoration is passed down through the generations within the Meyhui family. The former Meyhui company, today known as Home & Table by Meyhui, was founded by the late Valère Meyhui in 1918 … As a traditional wholesaler from back in the days (1920 – 1940), the Meyhui company was mainly focused on the local sale of Belgian products.

Valère Meyhui and his wife died during the bombing of Kortrijk on 26 March 1944. The company was also completely destroyed with the next bombardment. Their only son Carlos Meyhui started the reconstruction of the company in a rental warehouse of 300 m2 on the Damkaai in Kortrijk.

After 1950 came the great revolution: thanks to the emergence of the Benelux and then the E.E.G, the Belgian market was opened to foreign products. At the same time, the infrastructure and transport options improved significantly. Distribution expanded, making the wholesale trade national.

From father to son

From 1971 Carlos Meyhui worked side by side with his son Baudouin Meyhui. After several expansions on Damkaai, the first stone was laid in 1973 for the complex on the industrial estate in Heule.

Home & Table by Meyhui specialized in distribution and today, the company is still a distributor in the Benelux and France with leading factories from abroad. It has always been important to work with companies that share our values.


” The exclusivity of major brand names, the extensive range, the perfect after-sales service and the various specialized sales organizations make Home & Table by Meyhui one of the leading distribution companies in its industry. Retail, hospitality and wholesalers are served directly from the distribution center in Heule. A thorough rationalization of the warehouses and digitization of the administration allow optimal service to their customers. “

100 years later

Since 2020, both private and professional customers have been welcomed in the new modern showroom of no less than 1,000 m2 to let them dream away in the world of table setting.

We also have our 10,000 m2 warehouses and offices in the same location. Ecologically aware, this large complex was also equipped with 3,000 solar panels on the roof.

100 years later, the company is still family-owned by the Meyhui family. Baudouin Meyhui is the CEO of the family business.

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